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Skills and Topics: Multiplication, division, patterns, geometry and general problem-solving. The workbook asks its reader to draw tessellations using protractors, compasses and other tools.

In doing so, students learn how to identify and create three-dimensional shapes and patterns. Skills and Topics: Measurement, geometry and spatial recognition. Teach topics ranging from math facts to non-curriculum concepts with help from G Is for Googol. The book explores one or two math terms for each letter of the alphabet. Written in short prose and accompanied by illustrations, the explanations last a couple of pages.

Covering topics such as exponents and equilaterals, students should finish the book with a stronger understanding of such material. Happy teacher. Informed students. More engaging math class. Skills and Topics: Concepts outside most curricula, such as binary numbers. Read the Sir Cumference series with your class to develop skills in a medieval and fantasy setting.

With occasional help from his son and wife — Radius and Lady Di of Amater — the knight Sir Cumference must solve math-related challenges that pose threats to his family and kingdom.

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For example, magic turns Sir Cumference into a dragon. Radius must determine the proper antidote dosage by applying pi to his calculations. Other issues see the knight finding the area of circles and volume of cones. Bolstered by witty writing, this series will engage most of your students — especially those already interested in the genre. Introduce ideas outside the curriculum by reading bits of this novel with your class.

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Penrose appears to be a lazy, sleepy cat. Penrose takes readers on adventures as he explains, simplifies and applies these topics. The book dedicates a few pages to each one, concluding with a series of questions to practice skills ranging from addition to square roots. Who knew cats were such good math teachers? Skills and Topics: Concepts outside of most curricula, such as golden rectangles.

Offer a fun side task by assigning Magical Mathematics.

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The book links popular magic tricks with mathematical formulae. For example, it looks at the math behind three-card Monte and pulling a specific card after certain shuffling sequences. And the authors provide step-by-step instructions for each one. Skills and Topics: Critical thinking and applying mathematical concepts to real-world scenarios.

Foster an appreciation for math in your students by requiring them to study Mathematics: The Science of Patterns. Along with a brief exploration of math history, the book examines broad — yet important — mathematical concepts that are divided into six sections:. It forgoes formulae to keep the content as straightforward as possible. There are explanatory images, too. By the end of the book, students should gain a better understanding about how to approach the study of math. Skills and Topics: Concepts related to the six above-mentioned sections.

Send students home with this reference book to help them through homework and encourage their parents to lend a hand. Containing more than entries about math topics and concepts, readers can flip through the pages to find information related challenging problems. For example, it contains models, formulae and conversion tables to follow when solving certain questions.

Parents usually see it as a handy resource to remember key concepts, encouraging them to guide their children when needed. Q: What do feather boas, cookies, and paper shredders have in common? A: They are all ingredients that have the potential to help your undergraduate students understand a variety of mathematical concepts.

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In this book, 43 faculty from a wide range of institutional settings share a total of 64 hands-on activities that allow students to physically engage with mathematical ideas ranging from the basics of precalculus to special topics appropriate for upper-level courses. Each learning activity is presented in an easy-to-read recipe format that includes a list of supplies; a narrative briefly describing the reasons, logistics, and helpful hints for running the activity; and a page that can be used as a handout in class.

Purchase of the book also includes access to electronic printable versions of the handouts. With so many activities, it might be hard to decide where to start.

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  • For that reason, there are four indices to help the reader navigate this book: a concept index, a course index, an author index, and a main ingredient index. In addition to providing activities for precalculus, calculus, commonly required mathematics courses for majors, and more specialized upper-level electives, there is also a section describing how to modify many of the activities to fit into a liberal arts mathematics class.

    Whether you are new to using hands-on activities in class or are more experienced, the authors hope that this book will encourage and inspire you to explore the possibilities of using more hands-on activities in your classes. AMS Homepage. Join our email list.

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