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Horus Rising, numerous others Leman Russ was discovered before Ferrus Manus, the second primarch, unknown date. According to Horus Rising, was likely not discovered until at least Seems to have been discovered not long after Russ, as he is known by the end of the Wheel of Fire campaign, the Wolves' first major action under Russ. Dorn was the 7th primarch discovered.

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Confirmed to be Magnus: Master of Prospero. Sanguinius was discovered in Perturabo took control of the Iron Warriors in He was on Terra being taught 70 years before the Heresy, around By this point both Angron and Curze had been found.

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It may be he was there being taught for a long time before being reunited with his legion. It may also be that he was not contacted as soon as he was discovered, due to warp hold-ups or the Emperor wanting to observe. Jaghatai Khan's Primarchs book suggests he wasn't kept on Terra for that long, so unclear. Lantern's Light tells us he was discovered "just over half a century" after Horus, and at least 1 Barbaran year before Lorgar. Jaghatai Khan: Warhawk of Chogoris. Konrad Curze was discovered after Lorgar.

Konrad is discovered at least years before the end of the Thramas Crusade. The Emperor came to Nostramo nearly years after the Great Crusade began. So probably around Betrayer Corax was one of the last primarchs found, most of his brothers had already been discovered, and the two unknown primarchs had possibly already been dealt with. Deliverance Lost. The Raven Guard were without Corax for over a century, and the Mor Deythan fought with him for 8 decades before the Heresy, suggesting he was reunited with them around However, HH Book III also says that a conflict in the last years of the crusade took place 50 years after he was found, suggesting more like Could be that the Mor Deythan fought with him on Deliverance before he was reunited with his legion.

The Emperor's Children geneseed disaster came within a year of the Proxima triumph. The Dusk Raiders fought for more than 8 decades without a primarch. Conquest of Galaspar is first major campaign by Death Guard after Mortarion takes charge. Ghreer commanded the War Hounds for nearly 3 decades before Angron took over.

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The Golgothan campaign is the first major one after Angron takes charge of the World Eaters, and it lasts 11 years. Probably around 30,, Remembrancers existed within the Crusade, they just weren't formalised until much later. The storms on Isstvan III last for 2 months. Ferrus Manus is one of the first primarchs to be found, but after Horus and Russ. Ferrus Manus found before him.

Around ? Veneratii Urien fell in battle with the Psy-gore less than a decade before Isstvan V. Fleet first arrived in Isstvan system 2 weeks prior. Conflict: Book VI says 7 months. Paramar was taken in the 4th decade of the Great Crusade. Rogal Dorn was reunited with the Imperial Fists 16 decades before the heresy and this was also not long after he was found, he took control rapidly.

The campaign against the Black Judges was the first major engagement for the Iron Warriors after Perturabo took over, so likely in the early s. Vhakis became a marine when Perturabo took command of the Iron Warriors and became a dreadnought 7 decades later around Arkhas Fal commanded the Raven Guard for 3 decades before Corax took over. At the beginning of the Heresy, the Mor Deythan have fought for 8 decades with Corax. Possible that they fought with him for some time before he was actually found?

Corax is discovered after at least a century. Compliance of Indra-Sul occurs in the last years of the crusade, and is 50 years after Corax took over the Raven Guard, suggesting he takes over around Legionary Ghelt served for 2 decades before Isstvan V. Campaign lasted 3 years. Book VI confirms this is in Horus' proclamation on Isstvan V is 3 days after the Dropsite Massacre.

The Alpha Legion left Isstvan V for Paramar very soon after the massacre, while some fighting was still going on in orbit. The 77th Grand Battalion has been away from Perturabo for over 4 decades by the time of Paramar.

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Also date of compliance. Brought in by the Dark Angels. However, this would make him one of the earliest primarchs found, and conflicts with the given order. Around Attack on Spyre Zero occurs 6 decades into the Crusade. Late s: Numinal was colonised. Early-mid s: Compliance of the Manachean Commonwealth. Around Shar'rec Grenn became a dreadnought 4 decades before the heresy.

Around Ireton MaSade retired from public life nearly 2 decades before They were only conquered after Ullanor. Late Horus sends Davinite priests to House Aerthegn. Fear spreads over the next 12 months. Mezoa blockaded. Mortarion comes to Baroda in year , "only a few months" after the House Makabius split. This is also after Isstvan V, as the knights are seen at Dominica Minor "only months later" and this does not occur until May Word of Isstvan V reaches the Coronid Deeps in the closing days of The Cyclops Cluster was conquered by the end of Lasts for 11 days.

By this point, Horus and Ferrus Manus are leading branches of the Crusade. Guilliman was secretly discovered "more than 2 years" before this , but would only be found physically a few years after Osiris i. This also confirmed by saying he is met 5 years after initially being discovered - Guilliman took over the Ultramarines in the 4th decade of the Crusade, so he must have done so within a few years of being reunited with them Suggests he was found and united with his legion in the same year.

This is months after the actual initial battle. Legio Praesagius relocated to Gantz to rebuild for 7 years. This was done by mid, suggesting they moved there mid It then takes almost 18 months to reach Calth. Confirmation that the Furious Abyss attacks Macragge around the same time as the attack on Calth. Map shows Veridian System in of year , suggesting the attack on Calth is around September Legionary Naevius is in 4th year of service by Calth.

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Sarervan served for 3 decades before Calth. Legionary Solon served the Ultramarines for a decade before Calth. Klion served the Ultramarines for 4 and a half decades before Calth.

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  6. He was stationed at the border of the Prohibited Zone for nearly 10 years. Presented to the Ultramarines as Lex Talonis in The Underworld War on Calth went on for over a decade after the initial battle.

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    Dark Angels: Engaged against the Night Lords for most of the period, and after victory at Tsagualsa despatched strike forces across the eastern galaxy. Emperor's Children: Underwent a "rebirth" for many months after Isstvan V, before going on their quest for Fulgrim's ascension. Others sent to hunt down loyalists from Isstvan.

    Iron Warriors: Went on a campaign of planetary assaults against loyalist fortress worlds, especially around the marches of the Segmentum Solar. This was well underway by the close of White Scars: Fighting Orks on Chondax at first, Jaghatai later purging his legion after the attempted schism. Some who sided with Horus were sent out on infiltration and assassination missions to seek some honour in their deaths. Remained a force held largely in reserve to defend Terra for much of the early to middle period of the Heresy. Imperial Fists: Most at Terra with Dorn.

    Others at Phall, or scattered after it, and some forces acting as garrisons at other locations within the Imperium. Night Lords: Highly splintered as a legion after their defeat at Tsagualsa. Pursued their own agendas until later reunited under Curze and drawn together again.

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    Blood Angels: Blood Angels mustered and sent into Signus, though several thousand did not make this. Says the legion returned in end of Unremembered Empire. Some gathered to serve under Meduson, others under Autek Mor, and others in their own vengeful groups. World Eaters: Mostly committed to the Shadow Crusade, they also held a number of fief worlds for recruitment. Ultramarines: Suffered heavily at Calth, then fighting against the Shadow Crusade in and Death Guard: Most serving on the main traitor advance alongside the Sons of Horus.

    Some detached parts enacted atrocities on seemingly innocent targets to draw away loyalists. Often harried by shattered legion forces. Traitor forces would often have a Word Bearer Chaplain or Diabolist accompanying them to lend warpcraft knowledge. Salamanders: Believed their primarch dead for several years after Isstvan V. Raven Guard: After escaping Isstvan V, Corax began rapidly inducting new recruits, sometimes with unstable results. Then began a campaign to liberate worlds from the Warmaster. Alpha Legion: After Chondax they began hunting down loyalists, also using subterfuge and espionage to disrupt loyalist efforts.

    Sons of Horus and Iron Hands are drawn in. The atmosphere is eventually ignited and the forge world effectively destroyed. While exiting, Space Wolves clash with Astartes with no recognisable heraldry.