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Reading His Word by the light of a campfire at night………. Even repented from sin.

Came to terms with what I had done in my life that was sinful, and rotten in the eyes of God. Agreed, Jason. Unfortunately, people will continue to judge and condemn us for not contributing more to the church and this is why we feel like this. My husband and I got sick and tired of trying to connect and get involved where we are gifted to get involved.

We were told we had to be greeters before we could be small group leaders.

I was told that as a woman I could only teacher Sunday school. We longed for relationships and purpose and left broken-hearted. This is the church?

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In these times, the church is going to have to actually LIVE what it preaches. Not just on Sunday. I would like to a find a church that wants to help me grow. I would just like the true fellowship, repentance, striving, learning and example that Christ lived. Revolutionary indeed. Until then……. I will push myself to stay in prayer daily. Scripture reading, and watching some sermons online from pastors that actually teach about heaven and hell. Sadly, I have to agree with you, I have had very similar experiences, and am still frustrated.

Like it was a tremendous surprise.. Guess where I am going next week.

The Eucharist and the Mass

Well, Jason. I cannot say this is the experience at my church. I also have to say yes I have to if no one else will that you have a lot of baggage that has not been dealt with here. They do. People are screaming for a Savior. I am experiencing it. Even though I will remain a member until My assigment s here are complete and my administrative replacment is trained , in the interim, Along with The Word of God Bible I am reading A.

Moody, R. Torrey, and E. M Bounds. What led me to these late great men saints of our Lord? Introverted church to church fellowship and not Church to community. Where certain families are elevated and others dismissed. Ask God to give you a new home. The only perfect Home is in Heaven. He will give us our new Houses of Worship. Will there be porcupines there too? But God can give us less of these-wherever He ultimately plants us. This Christian pscychologist hits the bullseye.

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Wow, I wish that your experience was different…. It is terribly frustrating to try and make changes with the old guard causing waves. It is so easy to give up and not want to invite people to our church. Love is the answer.

An Inconvenient History

You are slamming a heavy hammer. Driving in nails with each blow. I find that a huge majority of Southern Baptist churches in Central Texas are exactly like what you are saying. Sadly, most church members look in mirrors and see something different than what non attendants not just non believers see.

Why Attending Church No Longer Makes Sense -

Jason, you listed several attitudes that do exist in many churches. I think Carey put fort a positive way to overcome many of those negatives. Engagement by more people. There is a good chance you are not the only one to notice the negatives. By working with the pastor or elders a person can unite others in correcting those negatives with their active engagement. Jason: Amen to all!! Especially regarding music and building projects! I could not agree more. You are right Brother.

God has left the building long ago! We church-hopped for a couple of years driving ever farther away to find a church that was Biblically-focused and had some depth.

"I'm Not Being Fed": Discovering the Food that Satisfies the Soul

No luck yet, and now we stay home on Sundays. Churches in the USA are shrinking at an alarming rate and from what I can tell the decline will continue. What Jason described is exactly why I do not attend church anymore. Have seen this happen for years and how uninterested people are in changing. If anything I see the church as the mission field, the very place one must witness to the lost.

We agree with you, especially about the music. Today we tried to attend a new church, but were blasted out of our seats by the music what is this, a music concert? Another time, we tried a different church and got to hear the umpteen repetition of the chorus — we almost memorized it. We call this music, 7 verses — repeated 11 times. The lyrics are bland, the music is so alike sounding from song to song. What is wrong with the old, beloved hymns? There, the music is different and there are actual verses — and they all say something important.

Everytime I read an article like this, which is often lately, I ask my self what this means for denominations who are supported by the local church tithe, which in turn support missions, church planting and other ministries. As a church leader with my husband for thirty years in the U. We are in a time of waiting on the Lord for what he wants us to do next but my energy is sapped by church goers who fight fall out and complain!

This is a wasted if valuable leadership ministry experience all because the church is too selfish and introverted so at the moment I am giving church a wide berth as it saps me of everything that is good sad but true and there are many more like me! They just want us to be. Very interesting article. I agree with many options set out by the author in order to transform the church so it reaches again to every members and non-members. But what about the Holy Spirit?

I like that quote from A. I agree about what Michael said about the Holy Spirit.

Also, Biblically speaking, the church is for believers of Jesus.