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I found this book to be a great source of inspiration and motivation. As a young civil servant I could relate the sociological and technological trends identified and discussed. It was first published in and the third edition was published in Covey has been regarded as a highly inspirational leadership consultant and he is the founder of FranklinCovey, a global leadership consulting firm.

Covey wrote the book with the objective to transform people from the state of dependency to independency and then subsequently to interdependency which is considered to be the characteristic of highly effective people.

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The book outlines seven principles categorized into three categories of Private Victory, Public Victory, and Renewal. These aim to build a strong foundation for becoming an independent person with principle-oriented character. This builds on the Private Victory to transform further to become an interdependent person. The seventh principle of Renewal-Sharpen the Saw seeks to keep the principles of private victory and public victory relevant to the changing situations by constantly evolving and adapting to the changes.

All these principles are based on research studies, experiences of Covey himself and successful leaders around the world. The stories, anecdotes, and experiences were portrayed interestingly to give insights to life and attract the attention of the readers. I would recommend this book to those who want to be a leader of the self and stay highly relevant in society and the changing situations.

INR This episode creates the life long tussle between the father and the son. While Harilal decides separate path to prove his father wrong by standing on his own feet, when encountered with challenges he fails and instead finds solace in liquor leading to addiction. When Gandhi is busy attending meetings and conferences where the fate of forty crore Indians was to be decided, he would often find letters or newspaper headlines like Police Arrested Drunk Harilal For Creating A Scene On The Road and so on.

Harilal loses control and drowns himself in liquor. He even abandons his children, and the man who always accused his own father for all his problems, proves to be the worst father himself. A budding talent is wasted and his entire life is filled with disappointment, anger and disdain towards the society. I liked how Dinkar Joshi described the sufferings of Harilal in the most convincing way. There are many emotional scenes particularly, the railway event where Harilal offers a sweet lime to his mother even though he have not eaten for days, or the death bed scene where drunk Harilal confronts his dying mother, or when old tired Hari approaches his son and daughter-in-law affectionately to draw some solace from his tragic life, or when he is barred from attending the last rites of his own father for fear of public shame.

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I would recommend everyone to read this book and understand the harsh realities of life, which even the great Mahatma Gandhi could not cope with. The real beauty of this book lies in the fact that it presents Gandhi as a distressed and misunderstood father and exposes his vulnerable human side, often hidden behind those determined eyes. Jim Collins is the Bestselling author of Good to Great and serves as a teacher to various leaders.

The book consists of eight chapters written to help companies escape great falls by learning from companies who were once great but eventually delved into shadows. Collins choice of metaphor to describe a falling company to staged disease is subtle which is harder to detect but easier to cure in the early stages, easier to detect but harder to cure in the later stages. Collins however states that not all companies undergo the fate of death. These stages are applicable to any aspect of our lives. Collins expertise in explaining the five stages of decline with detailed research is insightful.

Rise and fall is unpredictable. Life is uncertain and death is one sure thing that each one of us must go through one day. The author shares his journey of life from being in a perfect health to the decline of good health which led to his last breath. Also the part of his life where he and his wife Lucy Kalanithi, decided on having a child; the toughest decision for choosing to have a new life when one life is closing to an end.

The faith caught him into the stages where in one time he saved patients and the next time he became the patient. The book has his experiences as a neurosurgeon, saving people but at the same time witnessing many deaths.

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This journey made him to realize the reality of life and at one point he also described how the air he always breath, did not seem the same anymore. Starting from sharing his calling in life, the book also takes the reader through all his genuine emotions and happenings in his personal and professional life. The passion in his job and experiences is thought provoking which leads the readers to question on the kind of life that is worth living and to reflect upon their life. My emotions flooded while reading this book and I was able to count my blessings to be grateful of.

It is one book that made me emotional and kept me to keep reading for every pages i flipped ignited the mixed feelings of sadness, hope and curiosity. It energized me and also aroused in me the strength to never give up in life. The book gives techniques on how to become a successful leader. The author shares about his leadership experiences and systematically arranged leadership techniques into ten major chapters.

Every chapter is so interlinked in a synergistic chain illustrated with quotes, examples, and exercises which assist in evaluating readers to discover their potential and assess their leadership performance. This book serves as a simple and practical tool through which one can develop a successful leader. The book is designed in a manner that is so simple to understand and practice directly by the reader.

Developing influencers within the leader is one of the most important elements of leadership. Concerning influence, the author also describes the five levels of leadership; Position, Permission, Production, people development, and pinnacle to help in understanding the essence of influence. Knowing priorities is illustrated as a key to successful leadership. A leader must develop a character that helps in building strong trust within oneself and others. Character is the foundation of leadership.

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Authenticity, self-management, humility, and courage are the four dimensions of successful leaders. A leader must embrace good values, practice self-leadership, and value people.

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  8. The ultimate test of leadership is creating positive change. A leader must focus on bringing positive change although it may not be as easy always. However, creating positive change would help in enhancing credibility. Ability in problem-solving is described as the quickest way to gain leadership.

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    The plate of leadership is always filled with problems. Solving problems not only serve as stepping stones for success but also introduce a leader to opportunities. The way one handles problems would ultimately say about the leadership. The extra-plus in leadership is considered an attitude. A positive attitude creates a positive atmosphere, which influences the people they lead because leadership has less to do with position than it does a deposition. The heart of leadership is identified as serving others, not oneself. Developing the power of serving others is the key to success.

    A leader must develop the heart of a servant and hand of a servant. Vision is the indispensable quality of leadership. A clear vision enables to see everything differently otherwise meaningless details of lives. Self-discipline is described as the price tag of leadership and it comes before leadership success. Interesting self-discipline is developed not given or inherited. Lastly, the expansion of leadership is described as personal growth. The potentiality of growth will determine the ability to lead further in leadership.

    Only growth guarantees that tomorrow will get better and growth mindset is considered as the seed of hope. Developing a leader within oneself is life long-journey and one must learn every day. This book is recommended for young leaders who aspire to become a successful leader.